Bell - Action at a Distance -
OpsDev - Reverse DevOps solution

While Devops typically deals with a flow from Dev to PROD (code Deploys), there is a little done to support a limited data flow in the opposite direction - to provide info for the developers about non-sensitive data from PROD - performance metrics, configs, log files, volumetry. Because RDP, solutions like CA PAM or even read-only access to a database can expose sensitive data such access is very limited and requires approval, even in most cases the developers need access to a few minor things to investigate the problems and improve the performance.

"Bell - action at distance" is an open source solution to facilitate such access to higher environments. Check MISSION about to get more information. Download docker image to try it on Windows without spending time on configuration - you can play with 3 modules: MSSQL, Postgres and MySQL.


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